A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters

A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters

Jane Sturgess, Derek Duane, and Rebekah Ley

Print publication date: Nov 2018

ISBN: 9780198749851

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Patient expectations for immediate, risk-free healthcare have never been greater; the scrutiny that the medical profession face to deliver this perfect care has also never been greater; the complexity of the law under which we work and practise is ever-increasing, yet clinicians are meant to have an up-to-date understanding of all these matters. Many legal texts are written in ‘legalese’ language, which may be off-putting or confusing to the medical professional, especially in times of urgency and stress. This book has been written in an attempt to overcome these concerns while specifically aimed at the non-legally trained healthcare practitioner. It offers pragmatic easy-to-access information and guidance for the busy clinician needing to check the legal landscape before, during, or after treatments and consultations. This book is designed to be your number one reference for all medicolegal matters that demand an immediate answer. Each chapter details pertinent case law, statutes and legislation, and professional guidance, before considering specific aspects of medicolegal importance. Sections of text are complimented with a ‘key points’ summary box to act as a reminder or revision aid. Further reading is suggested at the end of each chapter, including links to websites that can provide up-to-date advice as the law changes and evolves. An alphabetical glossary of legal terms at the end of the book offers a rapid and easy reference that supports every chapter.