Oxford Case Histories in General Surgery

Oxford Case Histories in General Surgery

Judith E. Ritchie and K. Raj Prasad

Print publication date: Feb 2018

ISBN: 9780198749813

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Oxford Case Histories in General Surgery aims to bring the different subspecialties of general surgery to life for its readers by adopting a case-based discussion format around real-life cases. It is most relevant to those who are just starting out in general surgery, including medical students, surgical care practitioners, foundation doctors, and those entering core surgical training. Each case presents a clinical vignette comprising focussed and relevant clinical and diagnostic information followed by a cases-based discussion that covers relevant clinical material pertinent to the core surgical element of the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum. The case-based discussion format is an important learning tool, as it allows focussed application of textbook knowledge to clinical practice and incorporates that with current evidence-based approaches to clinical and surgical management.