Focused Intensive Care Ultrasound

Focused Intensive Care Ultrasound

Marcus Peck and Peter MacNaughton

Print publication date: Mar 2019

ISBN: 9780198749080

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book is written for clinicians who are new to ultrasound and those who want to progress further from the basics to more advanced-level scanning. Consequently, it covers a broad range of subjects, and its text is divided into five sections. Section 1 is imaging-based. Chapters in Section 1, such as physics, machine setting, and sonoanatomy, provide the foundation that underpins the rest of the book. Section 2 is structure-based. Chapters in Section 2 cover cardiac, lung, abdominal, and vascular anatomy and enable the reader to start scanning in these areas. Section 3 is problem-based. Chapters in Section 3 cover the major differential diagnoses and algorithmic approaches to ultrasound assessment of the most common clinical presentations, including shock, dyspnoea, trauma, cardiac arrest, sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and many more. Section 4 is procedure-based. Chapters in Section 4, such as thoracocentesis, lumbar puncture, and percutaneous tracheostomy, cover the technical and non-technical aspects of invasive procedures performed in critically ill patients. Section 5 is governance-based and covers how to deliver a safe and effective service.

Table of Contents