Preparing to Pass the FRCAStrategies for Exam Success

Preparing to Pass the FRCAStrategies for Exam Success

Caroline Whymark

Print publication date: Feb 2016

ISBN: 9780198748687

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Studying and exam preparation are not the same thing and many well-read anaesthetists cannot pass the FRCA. The reason for this is twofold. Knowledge of the curriculum assessed by exam must be accessed quickly, packaged according to instructions, and presented clearly in the format required by each element of the exam. Such exam technique is rarely taught, learned, or practised. Secondly, the FRCA is a test of life management and organizational skills which do not always come naturally. This book details practical and novel ways to make knowledge memorable and to fit exam preparation around other commitments including work and family. Further, it describes how to maintain motivation, keep going, and succeed in passing the FRCA.