Gout (Oxford Rheumatology Library)

Gout (Oxford Rheumatology Library)

Nicola Dalbeth, Lisa Stamp, and Tony Merriman

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780198748311

Publisher: Oxford University Press


It is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in adults, and leads to recurrent flares of severe joint damage and musculoskeletal disability. Although treatment targets are well defined, gout management is currently poor, with low levels of treatment targets achieved. The last decade has seen major advances in the understanding and treatment of gout. This handbook summarizes key scientific advances, including new insights into mechanisms of hyperuricaemia, acute gouty arthritis, and joint damage. Principles of gout diagnosis and management are discussed in detail, with practical information about use of well-established agents and also newer therapies. Gout-specific research tools are outlined to assist clinicians with interpretation of the latest scientific literature in gout. Future strategies for improved gout management are also discussed.