Oxford Textbook of Medicine

Oxford Textbook of Medicine

John Firth, Christopher Conlon, and Timothy Cox

Print publication date: Mar 2020

ISBN: 9780198746690

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is published online and has been regularly updated for many years, but the production of a new and very substantially updated edition provides a moment when it is natural and proper to reflect on what has changed in Medicine—and what has not—in recent years. The sixth edition of the textbook considers exactly what modern medicine has to offer patients and their doctors. Advances in biomedical sciences, the broader context of health and disease, patients and their expectations, and access to medical knowledge are some of the key areas examined in detail among the 30 sections of the book. Sections include introductory sections on patients and their treatment, background to medicine, cell biology, and immunological mechanisms, as well as more subject-specific sections such as infectious diseases, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatology, and the kidney, as well as many more.

Table of Contents