Oxford Textbook of Neurocritical Care

Oxford Textbook of Neurocritical Care

Martin M. Smith, Giuseppe G. Citerio, and W. Andrew I. Kofke

Print publication date: Mar 2016

ISBN: 9780198739555

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Neurocritical care is a subspecialty of intensive care medicine dedicated to providing comprehensive management for all life-threatening neurological disorders and their complications. Improved understanding of pathophysiology and advances in monitoring and imaging techniques have led to the introduction of more effective and individualized treatment strategies that have translated into improved outcomes for patients. As the knowledge base underpinning the practice of neurocritical care has increased and evidence of outcome benefits has emerged, there has been a commensurate growth in the subspecialty of neurocritical care and in neurointensivists and their specialist teams. The delivery of effective neurocritical care requires an understanding of underlying physiological and pathophysiological processes in addition to interpretation of subtle changes in clinical status and in neuromonitoring and neuroimaging variables. Critically ill neurological patients require meticulous general intensive care support to optimize systemic organ system function and provide an optimal physiological environment for neurological recovery, as well as interventions targeted to their neurological disorders. The management of acute brain injury is particularly complex and requires a coordinated and stepwise approach that includes clinical assessment, monitoring, and multifaceted management strategies targeted to minimize secondary neurological injury. Collaboration and cooperation between clinicians from multiple disciplines is crucial to the effective delivery of care. The Oxford Textbook of Neurocritical Care has gathered together a group of international experts from many disciplines to provide a comprehensive global overview of the specialty. Each chapter highlights advances in specific areas and emphasizes the importance of the meticulous attention to detail that underpins the clinical practice of neurocritical care. Although primarily aimed at those working in neurocritical care, this textbook will also be of interest to those from other disciplines who have regular or occasional contact with patients with acute neurological disease.

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