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Aortic valve repair 

Aortic valve repair
Aortic valve repair
Core Concepts in Cardiac Surgery

Munir Boodhwani

and Gebrine El Khoury


Aortic valve replacement remains the gold standard for the treatment of severe aortic valve disease. Techniques for valve repair are emerging as a feasible alternative to valve replacement in selected patients. Advantages include potential reduction in the risks of prosthesis-related complications such as thromboembolism, endocarditis, anticoagulant-related hemorrhage, and reoperation due to structural valve deterioration. In this chapter, the key features of aortic valve and root anatomy, an approach to valve assessment and lesion classification, a demonstration of commonly used reparative techniques for aortic valve repair, and outcomes are reviewed. Furthermore, it also examines the outcomes of aortic valve repair in unselected cohorts, as well as distinct subsets of patients undergoing aortic valve preservation and repair.

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