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Current status of lung transplantation 

Current status of lung transplantation
Current status of lung transplantation
Core Concepts in Cardiac Surgery

Varun Puri

and G. Alexander Patterson


Lung transplantation is well established as a viable therapy for end-stage lung disease. Appropriate patient and donor selection, meticulous attention to technique, and continued improvement in the postoperative care of these patients will lead to optimal outcomes. Donor shortage and chronic allograft rejection continue to be the biggest hurdles preventing lung transplantation from reaching its full potential. Indications, recipient selection, donor procurement, surgical techniques, and postoperative outcomes are reviewed. The major identified causes of death in the first 30 days postoperatively are graft failure and non-cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections. After the first year, bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome and non-CMV infections were the predominant causes of death. Death caused by malignancies rises consistently until the 10-year mark, accounting for 12% of all deaths between 5 and 10 years after transplant.

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