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Current status of heart transplantation 

Current status of heart transplantation
Current status of heart transplantation
Core Concepts in Cardiac Surgery

Ayyaz Ali

and Robert L. Kormos


Cardiac transplantation has extended and improved the lives of patients suffering from severe heart failure over many decades. Despite advances in medical therapy, cardiac transplantation remains the definitive treatment for end-stage heart disease. Surgical techniques for organ procurement and implantation, development of appropriate methods for preserving the heart, and understanding the immunological challenges associated with transplantation were among the many areas which required focused investigation. In the current era, heart transplantation is associated with a low operative mortality and excellent long-term survival, however, the major obstacle of shortage of suitable donor organs remains. In the following chapter, recipient selection and management, donor organ procurement and preservation, and surgical techniques of heart transplantation are described in detail.

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