Sports Psychiatry (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

Sports Psychiatry (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

Alan Currie and Bruce Owen

Print publication date: Mar 2016

ISBN: 9780198734628

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The world of sport is used to drawing on medical expertise to address the health needs of sportspeople and to support their recovery and return to sport. Whilst there is an established interface between most medical specialities and sport this has been slower to develop in relation to psychiatry. As it is becomes increasingly known that psychiatric conditions of all kinds are found in sporting populations, so there is a need for the mental health concerns of those who pursue sport to be addressed in as comprehensive a manner as their physical health needs. Mental illness, even in its milder manifestations, is not just a health problem but likely to have an impact on sporting performance and achievement. This handbook reviews the key features of common mental disorders in the context of sport with a guide to assessment and treatment for each. This is supplemented by chapters on sports participation as the route to a fuller life for those most disabled by mental illness, on the skills needed to work in the sports arena as a mental health professional, and on the requirements of athletes who are prescribed a drug treatment for their condition.