Antipsychotic Long-acting Injections

Antipsychotic Long-acting Injections

Peter Haddad, Tim Lambert, and John Lauriello

Print publication date: Mar 2016

ISBN: 9780198729471

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book comprehensively reviews clinical practice and research findings concerning antipsychotic long-acting injections (LAIs) and should be relevant to academics and a range of healthcare professionals. The authors are all international experts in their fields. The book starts by reviewing the clinical course of schizophrenia and antipsychotic non-adherence. This is followed by chapters on the pharmacology of LAIs, their safety and tolerability, and the comparative effectiveness of LAIs versus oral antipsychotics. There are individual chapters on first-generation antipsychotic LAIs and each of the second-generation LAIs currently available (aripiprazole LAI, olanzapine LAI, paliperidone LAI, risperidone LAI). Further chapters discuss the use of LAI early in the course of psychosis, health professionals’ and patients’ attitudes to treatment, the importance of patient choice, prescribing patterns and determinants of LAI use by country, and the management of a specialist clinic for LAIs. The final chapter reviews the place of LAIs in current practice and highlights areas for future research. Antipsychotic LAIs are one strategy that can improve adherence and for some patients they offer greater convenience than daily oral medication. However, LAIs are not appropriate for all patients or all those with adherence problems. A recurrent message in this book is that the decision to prescribe an LAI needs to be collaborative and involve the patient. Antipsychotic medication, oral or LAI, is only one part of the treatment of schizophrenia and always needs to be combined with psychological and social treatments to provide an individualized treatment approach geared to recovery.