Psychiatry in PracticeEducation, Experience, and Expertise

Psychiatry in PracticeEducation, Experience, and Expertise

Andrea Fiorillo, Umberto Volpe, and Dinesh Bhugra

Print publication date: Feb 2016

ISBN: 9780198723646

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book brings together the different perspectives of a group of internationally renowned psychiatrists and of highly motivated early career psychiatrists, concerning the most relevant issues for psychiatric practice and education. Only by complementing education with experience can sound expertise in the field of mental health be reached. However, while education is usually provided through standardized training channels, acquiring professional experience is often neglected by most training schemes and still problematic. This book attempts to bridge such a gap with a specific focus on those areas which are usually not fully covered by standard training in psychiatry. The book encompasses scientific, clinical, educational, and research developments, with many practical suggestions for good practice in mental healthcare and academic psychiatry. In particular, the book will help young professionals, teachers, and researchers in the mental health field to progress towards achieving a specific role in their professional life and career. It also represents a valuable tool that may help psychiatrists grapple with the many different facets of psychiatry, especially during their earliest career steps in mental healthcare. However, the volume adopts an editorial approach that will be of interest for all professionals concerned with mental health, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and occupational therapists, both trained and in training, as well as neuroscientists and social scientists. Above all, the volume points to providing insights on the future developments of psychiatric practice, so that it will represent a reference for all mental health professionals in the years to come.

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