Retrieval Medicine (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Retrieval Medicine (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Dr. Charlotte Evans, Associate Professor Anne Creaton, Dr. Marcus Kennedy, and Dr. Terry Martin

Print publication date: Sep 2016

ISBN: 9780198722168

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Retrieval Medicine is the practice of acute, emergency, and critical care medicine in the ‘transport’ environment. It requires medical practitioners to function independently in highly variable and resource-limited environments, in transport settings, and in the field, with acutely unwell, unstable and often clinically undifferentiated patients over long durations. This handbook covers the complex problems in the retrieval environment. It covers retrieval systems, governance, and coordination; the retrieval environment; and retrieval platforms, as well as equipment. It also involves crisis resource management. The treatment for patients with varying conditions is covered. Chapter titles include: respiratory support, cardiac, shock, sepsis, neurology and neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, behavioural disturbances, trauma, primary retrieval, bariatric, neonatal, paediatric, and specialized retrieval systems.