Learning Microbiology through Clinical Consultation

Learning Microbiology through Clinical Consultation

Berenice Langdon and Aodhán Breathnach

Print publication date: Jun 2016

ISBN: 9780198719847

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book is intended for medical students and newly qualified doctors, and introduces microbiology and infectious diseases using life-like case stories linked to microbiology learning points for each topic. The case stories make the subject matter immediate and instantly applicable, and the microbiology discussion pulls out the important points on key microbes, differentials, specimen processing, and antimicrobial therapy for each case. Each case is a narrative and is a fly on the wall experience for the reader, who can listen to the whole interaction (including any awkward moments), observe the examination and specimen taking techniques, hear what advice should be given, and how the consultation can be drawn to a close. The swabs sent in the story and the results obtained provide a clear link to the more technical information on microbiology, which is then discussed, and by this means each topic is embedded in clinical practice with the relevant microbiological information being brought to the fore. Learning Microbiology Through Clinical Consultation presents the material in an integrated fashion and is therefore an ideal text to use on a problem-based or systems-based course, or for a newly qualified doctor practising independently. The structure of the book is laid out for easy navigation and has clear case story headings to enable ‘just in time learning’ as well as ‘just in case’ learning.