Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Ibrahim Abubakar, Helen R. Stagg, Ted Cohen, and Laura C. Rodrigues

Print publication date: Apr 2016

ISBN: 9780198719830

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Infectious disease epidemiology is the application of methods and approaches used to understand the distribution and determinants of health and disease to the study of infections. This handbook provides a comprehensive and succinct overview of the subject and covers related specialist areas needed to understand the epidemiology of infections. The book is divided into two parts. The first section introduces basic concepts in infectious disease epidemiology; how to design studies and investigate outbreaks, statistical analysis, and more specialist subjects such as economic analysis, mathematical modelling, and spatial, molecular, and immuno-epidemiology. The second half of the book describes the epidemiology of infectious diseases of global significance, either due to their current burden or their potential for causing morbidity and mortality. The handbook is organized in such a way that a reader can sequentially read chapters or dip in to revise particular concepts.