Social Marketing and Public Health

Social Marketing and Public Health

Jeff French

Print publication date: Feb 2017

ISBN: 9780198717690

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The premise of this book is that those concerned with public health need to put a lot more effort into understanding why people act as they do and then into using this understanding to develop and deliver social improvement intervention programmes. We need to understand what people are prepared to buy into if we are going to make a significant impact on issues such as smoking or infection control. We need to enable and empower people so that their energy, understanding, and skills are harnessed as part of the solution to improving health. Social marketing is an approach that recognizes that if we are to be successful, it is not about doing things to people but about working with and for them. The second key theme of this book is the need for public health programmes to be more rigorously researched, designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated. Too many public policy interventions have unclear or unrealistic aims, poor pre-testing and piloting, and often weak evaluation. A key feature and strength of social marketing is its obsession with systemic analysis and systematic programme development and implementation. Without clear measurable objectives and cogent implementation plans, little may be achieved or learned about how to help people that can be used to refine new interventions. This book is intended to give the reader a structured learning experience that results in a good understanding of social marketing principles and techniques, alongside examples of real interventions that have made a difference to people’s lives.