SuicideAn unnecessary death

SuicideAn unnecessary death

Danuta Wasserman

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780198717393

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Suicide: an unnecessary death is a comprehensive summary of the study of suicide from the health-care and public mental health perspectives. The book offers an easy to read overview of prevention, diagnostics, and treatment, based on extensive research and experience of the foremost experts in suicidology. Suicidal behaviours are elucidated from the psychiatric, psychological, social, and public health points of view. The book gives an outline of evidence-based approaches to suicide risk assessment and treatment. Risk groups and risk situations for suicidal behaviours are presented as well as protective factors. Case examples illustrate clinical problems and solutions. Difficulties which physicians/therapists encounter when treating suicidal patients are discussed. Treatment failures can occur due to a suicidal patient’s perceptions of and reaction to their doctors and health-care staff and how they handle the situation. The relationships between the suicidal patient and the significant others including mental health professionals are of crucial importance for the development of the suicidal process. Special attention is given to the families of the suicide victim and the role of media in suicide prevention. Examples of suicide preventive activities in schools, working places, for immigrants, armed forces, and criminal justice systems are described as well as the role of increasing awareness in society about the magnitude of the problem and preventive strategies. The roles of the global WHO strategies for suicide prevention are described.

Table of Contents