Health PromotionIdeology, Discipline, and Specialism

Health PromotionIdeology, Discipline, and Specialism

John Kemm

Print publication date: Nov 2014

ISBN: 9780198713999

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This online resource is a thorough examination of the field, advancing clear proposals for its development and future, as well as the theoretical background, historical context, or the challenges that health promotion faces today. With the core belief that health promotion has a vital contribution to make to the health of populations, it is packed with the knowledge and tools necessary to help people contribute in real and practical ways to health promotion. Its timely examination of the strategies and legislation of successive governments in the UK informs the ongoing debate on heath policy. The importance of health education is explored, including a look at the new possibilities that technological developments will bring. It provides a wealth of examples and cases studies to illustrate the ethical principles underlying health promotion, and to the examination of the concepts of environmental and lifestyle determinants of health.