Schizophrenia (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

Schizophrenia (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

David J. Castle and Peter F. Buckley

Print publication date: Jan 2015

ISBN: 9780198712831

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Schizophrenia is one of the most disabling mental illnesses and is also highly prevalent, occurring in approximately 1% of the population and affecting both men and women equally. The disorder has a typical onset of between 15 and 35 years of age and is characterised by impairments in reality, most commonly hallucinations and delusions. It is a highly complex condition and is often confused with other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. This new edition will cover new DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and to reflect new data and include new longitudinal studies on psychiatric and medical co-morbidity, Genetic and environmental factors, new drug therapies, adherence and the role of depots, new advances in psychosocial therapies (CBT, ACT, & cognitive remediation) and includes an updated and expanded appendix.