Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

Stephen Chapman, Grace Robinson, John Stradling, Sophie West, and John Wrightson

Print publication date: Aug 2014

ISBN: 9780198703860

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Revised and updated for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine is concise, practical, and designed for rapid access to essential information. It covers the latest clinical guidelines and developments in the field and features unique sections on practical procedures as well as a symptoms section to aid in differential diagnosis and clinical management. Practical advice on management is integrated throughout and a dedicated section on respiratory emergencies ensures the ability to cope with any eventuality. New sections such as thoracic ultrasound, indwelling pleural catheters, safe sedation, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing have been added, and all major respiratory diseases and symptoms are also covered.

Table of Contents