Hypertension (Oxford Cardiology Library)

Hypertension (Oxford Cardiology Library)

Sunil Nadar and Gregory Y.H. Lip

Print publication date: May 2015

ISBN: 9780198701972

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The management of hypertension varies considerably from clinician to clinician. This online resource is a concise and evidence-based summary of current understanding and practice, including the most up-to-date guidance from national bodies and their recommendations for hypertension care. An essential tool for everyday use in managing hypertension, this book covers the different phases of investigation and definitive management, and aids clinical decision-making by collating all the relevant information and guidance in one easily accessible place. This new edition has been fully updated to include new data on the epidemiology of hypertension and new treatment options, as well as a new chapter on renal denervation in hypertension.