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Health expectancies 

Health expectancies
Health expectancies
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Jean-Marie Robine

and Carol Jagger


In its first section, this chapter describes the ongoing adult longevity revolution, which is now the main reason for assessing the quality of years lived and to complete the calculation of life expectancy by those of health expectancies. Then, it introduces the main health expectancies used in the United States of America (US) to monitor Healthy People 2020, the national health agenda, in Japan to monitor Health Japan 21, the health promotion plan, and in Europe to monitor the social and health targets of Europe 2020, the current strategy of the European Union. Finally, this chapter summarizes recent trends in health expectancies observed in the US, Japan, and Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, and discusses these observations in relation to the theories on population health which have been proposed since the 1980s.

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