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Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Jaqueline Close


Orthogeriatric care involves an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the care of fracture patients requiring surgical intervention. Effective orthogeriatric care requires a mutual respect, trust, and understanding of roles between geriatric medicine and orthopaedic surgery. Hip fracture care is the area where the evidence base for orthogeriatrics is strongest but the principles and guidelines for hip fracture care can frequently be extrapolated to care of other fracture types. Benefits of this integrated approach to care include fewer postoperative complications, better functional outcomes, and reduced mortality. Pathways and protocols can facilitate a more consistent and reliable approach to the delivery of care and ensure that care requirements beyond the acute episode of care are identified and addressed. Patient level audit against key indicators allows for benchmarking of performance at a national and international level and the evidence suggests that using data in this way can drive improvements in care.

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