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Models of healthcare for older people 

Models of healthcare for older people
Models of healthcare for older people
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Kaisu Pitkala

, John Gladman

, and Martin Connolly


Older people are major users of health and social care in many developed countries, and so all health and social care systems in such countries need to be fit for older users such as those with deafness, blindness, or dementia. Despite this, specific services for older people with the most complex or challenging problems have developed. These models of healthcare for older people are diverse. They can deal with both acute and chronic health problems including rehabilitation. They can be provided in or across community, long-stay, and hospital settings, and often involve a wide range of professionals. They have developed in different ways in different countries. This chapter describes specific models of older people’s care, and outlines the role of geriatricians and other professionals in the models.

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