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Personalized medicine for older adults 

Personalized medicine for older adults
Personalized medicine for older adults
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Gunnar Akner


Each older person presents with a unique clinical phenotype. This clinical heterogeneity in older adults calls for a high degree of personalized/individualized approach to geriatric medicine and to the care of older adults. Individualized clinical health analysis and management could be performed according to the DTF-model (i.e. Diagnostics-Treatment-Follow-up), which has implications for education/training, medical records, organization, and financing of care for older people. A four-step clinical analysis process based on the DTF-model is presented, aiming to operationalize how a comprehensive geriatric assessment could be visualized, thereby serving as a much longed for ‘geroscope’. A main challenge for the future is to restructure healthcare to suit the most common long-term health problem (i.e. multimorbidity). Future medical developments should be based on geriatric principles and preferably be organized to allow clinical research in clinical routine care to stimulate relevance and development of new methods for clinical treatment trials.

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