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Rehabilitation: additional palliative care approaches 

Rehabilitation: additional palliative care approaches
Rehabilitation: additional palliative care approaches
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Matthew Maddocks

and Sheila Payne


Palliative care and rehabilitation share many common traits. When codelivered, these specialties can provide a holistic, patient-centred approach to care that maximizes function irrespective of diagnosis. This chapter considers how palliative care and rehabilitation can be delivered together in practice, and outlines commonly used interventions with examples of evidence from hospice, acute, and community care settings. The text covers treatments offered by different allied health professionals, including physical activity and exercise, hydrotherapy, non-drug interventions for breathlessness, adaptations, and assistive devices, as well as speech and language, music, and art therapies. Thereafter, the chapter looks at how palliative rehabilitation treatments can be evaluated, both using conventional outcome measures and through the use of goal setting and goal attainment scaling. In addition to direct benefits to patients, rehabilitation approaches offer secondary benefits for family caregivers, especially when deterioration leads to the family assisting with physical caregiving and transfers.

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