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Management of comorbidities in dementia patients 

Management of comorbidities in dementia patients
Management of comorbidities in dementia patients
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Gabriel Gold

and Dina Zekry


Despite recent evidence for a marked decrease in dementia incidence over the past decades, it is highly likely that the absolute number of people with dementia will continue to increase as a function of population ageing. Furthermore, two-thirds of the population with dementia live in developing countries where this entity is already responsible for 25% of cases with severe incapacity. Thus, dementia will remain a worldwide public health concern in the twenty-first century. Interaction between comorbidities and dementia is complex: are comorbidities dementia- or age-related? Presentation of illness is atypical in older populations but particularly so in individuals with dementia. How should one then detect and measure the comorbidity burden, what is the best management and the most ethically correct approach to decision-making? This chapter will review current knowledge in the field and discuss basic principles that can be applied to ensure optimal care of comorbidities in people with dementia.

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