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Cardiac rehabilitation 

Cardiac rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation
Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine (3 edn)

Andrew Maiorana

, Lis Neubeck

, Sian Williams

, and Keith Hill


Cardiac rehabilitation is a multifactorial approach to supporting patients in their recovery from a cardiovascular event and reducing their risk of recurrent events (secondary prevention) through risk factor modification and adherence to evidence-based therapy. Although the incidence of cardiovascular disease increases with age, and the ageing demographic of industrialized societies means that many older people are living with cardiovascular disease, older people have historically been underrepresented in cardiac rehabilitation programmes. A challenge faced by contemporary cardiac rehabilitation providers is to offer flexible options to suit the requirements of different patient groups, including older people. This chapter explores best-practice cardiac rehabilitation and how it can be applied to suit the requirements of the geriatric patient, as well as the important role that physicians hold as an essential member of the multidisciplinary cardiac rehabilitation team.

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