The Neurosurgeon's Handbook

The Neurosurgeon's Handbook

George Samandouras

Print publication date: Jan 2010

ISBN: 9780198570677

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Neurosurgeon's Handbook concisely covers all aspects of adult and paediatric neurosurgery. It is systematically, meticulously and clearly broken down into easy-to-follow sections that contain all critical neurosurgical information, which is systematically presented to include clear definitions; epidemiology, pathophysiology and mechanisms of disease; neuroradiological and neuropathological features; critical care and neuroanaesthesia; clinical presentation and differential diagnosis; treatment; critical surgical anatomy and step-by-step key operative techniques of the brain, skull base and spine. The material is based on clinical trials, major clinical series and the extensive personal experience of some of the world’s best neurosurgeons and neuroclinicians who contributed to the handbook. It contains hundreds of imaging studies, neuropathological photographs (some in full colour) and anatomical and surgical diagrams that supplement the text. Additionally, widely accepted practice guidelines, major classification schemes, commonly used neurological scales, significant syndromes and constellation of key signs and symptoms are found in 188 tables, all presented in a way easy to understand and remember.

Table of Contents