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Recurrent abdominal pain 

Recurrent abdominal pain
Recurrent abdominal pain
Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics) (1 ed.)

R. Mark Beattie

, Anil Dhawan

, and John W.L. Puntis


Introduction 256

Classification 257

Personality type and family factors 259

Common stresses in children with recurrent abdominal pain 259

Therapeutic options 260

Outcome 261

Recommended clinical approach 261

Recurrent abdominal pain is common in school-aged children and is a frequent presenting complaint in general practice and general paediatric and paediatric gastroenterology clinics. Patients often have vague symptomatology and investigation usually results in a low yield of organic disease. Treatment strategies are varied and often subjective with very little evidence upon which to base them....

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