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Values, evidence, conflict 

Values, evidence, conflict
Values, evidence, conflict
Postpsychiatry: Mental health in a postmodern world

Patrick Bracken

and Philip Thomas


Chapter 1 begins with a brief examination of the World Health Organization’s global project to try to persuade the governments of all the countries of the world to prioritize the development of services for people who experience madness and other states of distress. We then move on to consider the British Government’s attempts since 1997 to change the ethos of the National Health Service. We recognize that this is a singularly local context, but it is the one in which we have worked as clinicians for many years. In any case, our view is that there are certain underlying commonalities in the way that advanced liberal democracies are currently thinking about psychiatry. One of the things we find particularly striking is the chasm that has opened up between the rhetoric of government policy on the one hand, and responses of policy makers and professional groups to that rhetoric on the other.

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