Living Longer, Living BetterExploring the Heart-Mind Connection

Living Longer, Living BetterExploring the Heart-Mind Connection

Lionel H. Opie

Print publication date: Feb 2011

ISBN: 9780198525677

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Living Longer: The heart-mind connection is written for all those who strive for optimal long-term health and the maximal functioning of their hearts and minds. Today's problem for the health-conscious individual is information overload - new health studies pour out almost daily from newspapers, radio stations and television networks. Many of the reports are contradictory and often misleading. In this resource, Professor Opie sifts through the available information on the vast number of possible health promotion changes, varying from increased exercise to aspirin to green tea, and diets from Atkins to the vegetarian, with the aim of grading the validity of the evidence, asking questions such as, ‘Just how true are the studies,’ and ‘Just how compelling are the facts they claim’? This resource guides the reader through this morass of information with the message that just five key steps taken now will promote long-term health benefits for heart and mind and give protection from future heart disease and brain deterioration.