Geriatric Palliative Care

Geriatric Palliative Care

Emily Chai, Diane Meier, Jane Morris, and Suzanne Goldhirsch

Print publication date: Apr 2014

ISBN: 9780195389319

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The growing geriatric population has created an increasing need for palliative medicine services across the range of medical and surgical specialties, but palliative medicine lacks the resources to carry such a workload itself. This online resource addresses this need by encouraging individual specialties to address the management of the elderly with the same vigor as they address other key management competencies within their specialty. This clinically focused online resource encourages this process of learning and ownership across many medical specialties. It outlines specific strategies present is specific palliative care issues common in elderly patients, and also provides evidence-based advice for helping patients, relatives, and staff cope with such issues as polypharmacy, dementia and consent, multiple pathologies, home care, elderly caregivers, and supporting the elderly in the place where they would like to be.

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