A Clinician's Guide to Learning Disabilities

A Clinician's Guide to Learning Disabilities

Carleen Franz, Lee Ascherman, and Julia Shaftel

Print publication date: Oct 2017

ISBN: 9780195383997

Publisher: Oxford University Press


A Clinician’s Guide to Learning Disabilities provides succinct descriptions of the various types of learning disabilities that affect educational achievement, illustrated with numerous case studies. Clear descriptions of educational assessment best practices and score reporting simplify the interpretation of psychoeducational reports. An entire chapter on historical context and legal framework describes obligatory supports for students with learning disabilities in all settings. Chapters on preschool assessment and the transition to post–high-school college and career expand the scope of the book beyond the school years. Clinicians who work in nonschool settings view learning disorders through the lens of DSM-5. They may be surprised at IDEA requirements and how the law works to identify and serve students with learning disabilities. Clinicians may not be aware that DSM-5 is not familiar in the school setting and that their diagnoses and recommendations may not have their intended effect. Through detailed examination of relevant special education requirements and procedures, this text addresses and clarifies the confusion that clinicians and families often experience about the lack of diagnostic congruence and differing terminology between DSM-5 and IDEA. No other book describes learning disorders and the psychoeducational evaluation process for mental health clinicians who work with these children and adolescents. A chapter on referral and collaboration will inform clinicians who seek deeper educational knowledge about their clients to better guide students and their families.