Brain ArchitectureUnderstanding the Basic Plan

Brain ArchitectureUnderstanding the Basic Plan

Larry W. Swanson

Print publication date: Aug 2011

ISBN: 9780195378580

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This resource discusses how the brain works with regards to how it generates our thoughts and feelings, directs our voluntary interactions with the environment, and coordinates all of the vital functions within the body itself, with intricacy and exquisite detail. It covers the basic parts and how they work, presenting an overview of the nervous system at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels, and follows three classic lines of thought that proceed from simple to complex: the history of neuroscience research, the evolution of the nervous system, and the embryological development of the vertebrate central and peripheral nervous systems. It then outlines the basic wiring diagram of the brain and nervous system-how the parts are interconnected and how they control behavior and the internal state of the body, and uses the framework of a new four-system network model that greatly simplifies understanding the structure-function organization of the nervous system.