The New ConsultationDeveloping doctor-patient communication

The New ConsultationDeveloping doctor-patient communication

David Pendleton, Theo Schofield, Peter Tate, and Peter Havelock

Print publication date: Apr 2003

ISBN: 9780192632883

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The consultation is 'the central act of medicine': the meeting between the patient and the doctor. The first part of this resource takes the reader from the context of the consultation in society and with the medical profession, to the intimacy of the consulting room, and then delves into its processes, and the second half takes the reader into the practicalities of learning and teaching effective consultations. It is an essential aid for all doctors and their educators to increase the effectiveness of their consultations and to help to make them more patient-centred. It includes theoretical background as well as practical help for both consulters and teachers.