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Additional Material 

Additional Material
Clinical Genetics (Oxford Desk Reference)

Growth Charts

Please visit the Harlow Healthcare website for growth charts for:

  • BMI

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Head Circumference

  • Down syndrome height

  • Down syndrome weight

  • Down syndrome head circumference

  • Sickle cell height

  • Sickle cell weight

  • Turner syndrome height

Patterns of Cancer

Please use the links below to view PDFs of patterns of cancer and risk of cancer by site charts.

Skeletal Dysplasia Charts

Please use the links below to view PDFs of the Skeletal Dysplasia Charts from pages 696-699 (courtesy of the Skeletal Dysplasia Group for Teaching and Research). Copies are available for £1 each from:

  • Skeletal Dysplasia Group

  • Department of Clinical Genetics

  • The Churchill Hospital

  • Old Road

  • Oxford OX1 7LJ

  • UK

Web links

Please find below a list of the web links found in the book.

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