Anesthesiology CA-1 Pocket Survival Guide

Anesthesiology CA-1 Pocket Survival Guide

Mary E. Arthur

Print publication date: Jul 2018

ISBN: 9780190885885

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book is a concise step-by-step ready reference manual which will help interns transition smoothly to life in the operating room (OR) as anesthesiology residents within the first few months. This survival guide will flatten the learning curve and improve the comfort level of trainees entering the OR for the first time. This Anesthesiology CA-1 Pocket Survival Guide, highlights information to seek out during the orientation period and lays out what to expect in the first clinical anesthesia year. It provides residents with easy-to-follow instructions for such common tasks as patient evaluation and pre-anesthesia care, and suggests how to obtain and organize a patient’s preoperative information to present to the attending anesthesiologist. The handbook also guides residents and trainees through the perioperative period and addresses crisis management as well as post-anesthesia care. The fundamentals of anesthesiology practice as well as specialty practice situations such as providing anesthesia in remote locations are introduced to the beginning anesthesiology resident. Time management and preparation for the anesthesiology BASIC examination and suggestions on how to strike a healthy work- life balance to avoid burn out early on in training are all laid out. The concept of continuous quality improvement focusing on improving the provision of care from one episode to the next is introduced to the learner. This book provides the foundation for a sound beginning in anesthesiology training.