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The Burden of Cancer Caregivers 

The Burden of Cancer Caregivers
The Burden of Cancer Caregivers
Cancer Caregivers

Barbara A. Given

, and Charles W. Given


Caregiver burden is the “stress” perceived by family caregivers who care for patients and results from the imbalance between demands (objective and subjective) and their coping resources. Approximately 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. There are an estimated 4 million caregivers of cancer patients in the United States. This chapter focuses on caregiver burden stemming from family caregivers’ negative appraisals (burden) of the care they provide to patients with cancer. This resulting burden may threaten the patient-caregiver dyadic relationship and result in negative physical, psychological, and social outcomes for the caregiver as well as negatively impact the patient. The balance between demands and resources determines the level of burden and the consequences on the care situation.

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