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Conclusions and Future Directions 

Conclusions and Future Directions
Conclusions and Future Directions
Cancer Caregivers

Allison J. Applebaum


This chapter summarizes the material presented in Cancer Caregivers and highlights significant progress made in the state of the science of cancer caregiving research over the past decade. Additionally, several important directions for future research are suggested. These include making distress screening a standard of care for cancer caregivers, and expanding our understanding of how life stage and culture significantly impact the caregiving experience. In addition to continued efforts to refine our psychotherapeutic technologies, greater attention is needed on dissemination and implementation research, which together will move us toward accomplishing precision and individualized medicine for cancer caregivers. Finally, we must understand how the changing public policy landscape will impact cancer caregivers and push for additional policies that will improve the capacity of caregivers to serve in this crucial role. Caregivers are a critical part of the patient care unit, and we must continue to advocate for a paradigm shift from patient-centered to family-centered care.

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