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Family Therapies 

Family Therapies
Family Therapies
Cancer Caregivers

Tammy A. Schuler

, David W. Kissane

, and Talia I. Zaider


This chapter illustrates the struggles of family caregivers, explains the complex interactions between cancer and the quality of family relationships, delineates the state of the literature on family interventions and screening, describes the family-focused grief therapy (FFGT) model (a prophylactic family-based intervention that begins during palliative care and continues into bereavement for high-risk families), and integrates empirically supported clinical recommendations for interventions to treat families at high risk for worse psychosocial outcomes. In addition to research findings, we offer anecdotal commentary from our experiences in working with families coping with cancer. Given the high proportion of primary caregivers who are family members, the development and study of FFGT included a large number of caregivers at its foundation. We thus believe FFGT is an appropriate treatment for caregivers who are at risk for worse psychosocial outcomes.

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