Cancer Caregivers

Cancer Caregivers

Allison J. Applebaum

Print publication date: Jan 2019

ISBN: 9780190868567

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Cancer caregivers are an essential extension of the healthcare team. Rapid advances in cancer care, including new drugs and immunotherapies and more sophisticated diagnostic tools, have improved our ability to extend lives and enhance survival. As patients are living longer and with today’s shorter hospital stays and shift towards increased outpatient care, however, the burden on caregivers and their needs have substantially increased. Cancer Caregivers reveals the depth of complexities of caregiving experiences that the field of Psycho-Oncology has been exploring and the vast expanses we have left to understand. This text describes the characteristics and experiences of cancer caregivers based on their life stage, relationship to the patient, and ethnic group membership, as well as patients’ disease and treatment type. It highlights the significant progress in research focused on the development and dissemination of psychosocial interventions for cancer caregivers, and includes in-depth case studies to illustrate their delivery and application. The text also explores the provision of support to caregivers in the community and the legal and ethical concerns faced by caregivers across the care trajectory. Cancer Caregivers offers both fundamental and practical information and is a resource for all healthcare professionals who work with patients and families facing cancer.

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