Surgical Palliative Care

Surgical Palliative Care

Anne C. Mosenthal and Geoffrey P. Dunn

Print publication date: Oct 2019

ISBN: 9780190858360

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Surgical Palliative Care is a synoptic presentation about the treatment of suffering and the promotion of quality of life for seriously or terminally ill patients under surgical care. The contributors include surgeons of different specialties who are leaders in the new specialty of surgical palliative care. Surgical palliative care encompasses supportive care for patients and families with serious illness that includes disease-directed treatment and supportive care for patients and families with terminal illness not seeking disease-directed treatment. The book commences with chapters covering the historical, conceptual and moral framework for surgical palliative care followed by chapters that follow the trajectory of the patient/family encounter with surgical care, from the time of presentation and proceeding to intraoperative and post-operative periods. The unique problems of several surgical subspecialties such as trauma and burns, thoracic surgery, and the transplantation are addressed in individual chapters.