Handbook of Pediatric Infection Prevention and Control

Handbook of Pediatric Infection Prevention and Control

Kristina A. Bryant and Judith A. Guzman-Cottrill

Print publication date: Apr 2019

ISBN: 9780190697174

Publisher: Oxford University Press


In the fields of healthcare epidemiology and infection prevention, evidence to guide pediatric practice has been lacking for quite some time. However, in the past few decades, more and more pediatric clinicians, researchers, epidemiologists, and infection preventionists have been contributing to this important field. This textbook discusses topics that pediatric providers must tackle in many settings: in ambulatory clinics, emergency departments, community hospitals, and freestanding university children’s hospitals. Each chapter opens with a clinical scenario (perhaps you have dealt with a few of these scenarios in real life), and follows with questions that are frequently raised when a solution is sought.