Goodman's Neurosurgery Oral Board Review

Goodman's Neurosurgery Oral Board Review

Allan D. Levi

Print publication date: Sep 2016

ISBN: 9780190636937

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The purpose of this book is to educate and prepare neurosurgery candidates for the American Board of Neurological Surgery Oral Board Examination. The book begins by describing the format of the Oral Board Examination in the United States in its current format. It then examines some of the concepts and techniques in the question-and-answer process that forms the major premise of the Oral Board Examination. The book chapters that follow are divided into the neurosurgery subspecialty areas, including brain tumors, vascular, endovascular, cranial trauma, pain, epilepsy and functional, spine, peripheral nerve, pediatrics, and neurology. Each chapter contains three to seven case presentations. The cases are organized in a similar way that the Oral Board questions are presented. The authors of each chapter describe their ideal answer and provide a detailed analysis of each case. Key references are included in many chapters. Many of the chapter contributors are longstanding dedicated faculty members of the course and have taught the bi-annual offering for the past 15 years. All contributors have extensive experience in teaching for the boards and bring an unrivaled skill set to the book.