Teaching Health Humanities

Teaching Health Humanities

Olivia Banner, Nathan Carlin, and Thomas R. Cole

Print publication date: Jan 2019

ISBN: 9780190636890

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Teaching Health Humanities expands our understanding of what health humanities teaching currently does and what it could do. Its contributors describe the variety of degree programs where they teach, the politics and perspectives that inform how they teach, and methods for incorporating newer digital and multimodal technologies into their teaching practices. Each individual chapter lays out the theory that drives contributors’ teaching, then describes how it happens in practice at the broad level of such matters as syllabus design and at the finer level of lesson plans, class exercises, and/or textual analyses. In the middle section, contributors focus on how they integrate critical race, feminist, queer, disability, class, and age studies in their courses, with essays that exemplify intersectional approaches to these axes of difference and oppression. The last section includes chapters that illuminate how to teach about digital technologies to reveal the often obscured politics in their design, as well as descriptions of courses that bridge bioethics and music, medical humanities and podcasts, health humanities filmmaking, and visual arts in end-of-life care.

Table of Contents