Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Nathan Selden and Lissa Baird

Print publication date: Jan 2019

ISBN: 9780190617073

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Part of the Neurosurgery by Example series, this volume on pediatric neurosurgery presents exemplary cases in which renowned authors guide readers through the assessment and planning, decision making, surgical procedure, aftercare, and complication management of common and uncommon disorders. As pediatric neurosurgery approximates the anatomical and pathophysiological breadth of all specialty areas of adult neurosurgery, the cases provided are particularly relevant to and more frequently encountered in pediatric practice. They also reflect aspects of clinical presentation and management that are notably distinct in pediatric compared to adult neurosurgery. Each chapter also contains “pivot points” that illuminate changes required to manage patients in alternate or atypical situations, and “pearls” for accurate diagnosis, successful treatment, and effective complication management. Containing a focused review of medical evidence and expected outcomes, Pediatric Neurosurgery is appropriate for neurosurgeons who wish to learn more about this subspecialty and those preparing for the American Board of Neurological Surgery oral examination.