Women's Neurology

Women's Neurology

Mary Angela O'Neal

Print publication date: Apr 2017

ISBN: 9780190609917

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Women’s Neurology details how to best care for women with neurological disorders. It can be challenging for physicians to stay on top of the latest research about how sex and gender affect the course of specific diseases, medication effects, and best neurological care. The book’s raison d’être is therefore to heighten caregivers’ awareness about the gender differences in neurological care. It spans the neurological issues that occur at different portions of women’s lives, including reproductive health, pregnancy, and issues around healthy aging. The book addresses a range of topics about women’s health and gender-specific neurological care. Topics include issues that are unique to women, as well as those that may affect both men and women, but have a different risk, prevalence, presentation or treatment considerations for women. The book’s format is based on the “What Do I Do Now?” texts, using case examples of common problems and questions that involve women with neurological disease and discussing how to best address the key issues. The aim is to give practical advice for everyday problems clinicians face in caring for women.

Table of Contents