Practical Genetic Counseling for the Laboratory

Practical Genetic Counseling for the Laboratory

McKinsey L. Goodenberger, Brittany C. Thomas, and Teresa Kruisselbrink

Print publication date: Feb 2017

ISBN: 9780190604929

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This manual on the practice of laboratory genetic counseling will have instructive value for veteran laboratory genetic counselors, genetic counselors new to the field, students in genetic counseling training programs, and laboratories employing genetic counselors. Authors include laboratorians, geneticists, and genetic counselors from over 30 institutions. The content is structured on the areas of expertise needed by laboratory genetic counselors and includes details about result interpretation and common complexities specific to the various types of genetic testing labs, including biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and prenatal screening. The text provides details on orientation to the laboratory, laboratory education for genetic counseling students, test utilization, test development, the role of genetic counselors in sales, professional growth opportunities such as contributions to literature and general knowledge, counseling skills, and ethical dilemmas.